Nexus Wallet - Block Index Loading Slow

  • I'm sure you're aware of it, and there may be better focuses of development energies at this time, but the very slow block-indexing can make a wallet take 15-20 minutes just to open. That may be a barrier for wider adoption down the road. Unless maybe it could be installed on something like a Raspberry Pi so it could stay on and running - but then that creates a hurdle for most users (buy and configure one).

  • Hi, I am a Nexus Newbie - can someone tell me the difference between LLD & ORACLE wallets please. Does encrypting add more security. How safe are they as i intend to Hodl for long term

  • @etakmit what do you mean by Super slow? I am waiting 30 min and there is still loading....
    Starting to get worried about it.

  • Thanks. I'm using 2.2.2 which was the one on the Nexus Earth website as of a few days ago at least. Thank you. I know the team is working hard and there's a lot of great advances forthcoming. It's great to see this is being addressed. This is a great concept and team and I'm proud to be involved in my own little way so early on.

  • If you're using the 2.0.5 wallet the load time is SUPER slow. This is known. However that wallet is better for staking purposes.

    The current LLD wallet 2.2.3 is FAR faster (still takes a few minutes). This was a huge improvement over the legacy wallet but is still not as quick as the team would like.

    A focus of the Tritium wallet (3.x) is improving that initial loading time (amongst MANY other improvements and fixes).

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