Hey all!

  • Hey all,

    I'm etakmit (you may have seen me in the slack channels!). I haven't been into Nexus very long but once I did some research and jumped in, I jumped in with both feet!

    I currently run the forums here and a CPU mining pool at nxsminingpool.com

  • we should really push more people to our forum instead of slack :)

  • I have been mining Nexus since launch back in 2014 and continue to do so. I have watched the coin grow from just a handful of supporters with a price of a few hundred sats, to what it is today. If you are holding coins purchased on an exchange, there is a good chance some were mined by my rigs!

  • Hey hey, same for me really around januari i got in to nexus ;) thx to Mirrax his guide on btcforum..

  • Welcome sir, good to have you. I've been mining Nexus myself since about Sept last year but have been getting much more involved as of more recently and trying to get even more so with the free time that I have.

    I am running the stats site at nxsorbitalscan.com

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