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    One of the scariest things for someone entering crytpo currency is the technology supporting the wallets. I believe that if we feature a category on the homepage for wallet technical support with a pinned post with installation instructions we can increase the overall users within the network storing their nxs privately versus on the exchanges.

  • None of this matters if the "commoner" can't mine 1 block without hitting 4 orphans.

  • Hi I have sent a transaction out of my wallet that is going on 17 hours with 0/3 confirmations. Can you help?

  • @Psipherious I think you are on the right track here. I'm a relative noob and I've been digesting everything i can on crypto over the past month or so. There's so much friction to getting started. Knowing that you need a wallet and what it's for and then how to get coins and all of that is an ipso facto research project. This is true even for Bitcoin - the most established.

    There's too much expectation that the user will understand the terminology and know which components will be needed - and then how to go searching for how to configure them.
    Ideally, you want something that will be a guide for the average person to get started. Something like this:
    "First you will need a wallet. A wallet is [blah blah] and here is link to download the official Nexus Wallet. Once you download it, here is how to set it up.
    After you set it up, here is how to use the wallet.
    To receive Nexus, you first need to click [this button] to generate an address [which is a long set of numbers and letters (that starts with an "2" for Nexus Coin) - here's an example. It's okay to share this address. In fact this is what you share to get Nexus coins. (more on that in the next section...") etc. etc.

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    We can make all of that happen no problem.

  • Yep should also be handy if new registered members got this link in there welcome PM/

  • I think this is a decent idea.

    Basically a "Newb" category, maybe it shouldn't be called wallet support but something like "Start Here" or "New to Nexus" or something like that.

    Here's an example:

    Feathercoin has a "Newbies" category (nodebb)

    Or maybe even just a Cat called "Help" (or "Help: Newbies Start Here", something similar...)

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