Lost transaction

  • Sent NXS for exchange to BTC at coinswitch.co Never confirmed. Can this be recovered? Thanks

    Status: 0/unconfirmed
    Date: 12/7/2017 20:52
    To: 2RRLc1qwxzZzrw9s5KTBUj8kHwyMfMUySgzCcAAFh7HRHWK8W43
    Debit: -77.75 NXS
    Transaction fee: -0.01 NXS
    Net amount: -77.76 NXS
    Transaction ID: 6e01e512f99dd866fe49eaa42e390b2030e76abfbfc9d251d3b5c5d580a01035ec4a6c70906148e9e8673bf61ef05c36a9634541f6c45efe8b9ea968650ad0a0

  • hey @GeneG did you transaction ever turn up?

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