Stake Weight has been at 0% for three days using the New LLD wallet downloaded 4 days ago.

  • I've sent transaction from the wallet to other exchanges and had no issues. The wallet is currently encrypted/unlocked a high balance of NXS. Is there something that needs to be done to activate staking?

  • @ssteffanni maybe, i only know is for mining or stake it need be with unlock for mint only assigned

  • @bugsdx I just got a genesis for 22 coins today. first transaction since new wallet. Block Weight is now 64% and Stake Weight was 37% and Trust Weight is 8.56. I have a very high coin count in the wallet so there should be no issue with that. I've restarted my wallet and this time when it opens I will unlock for Mint Only. I've always unlocked it but never checked for Mint Only in the past. I"ve always been able to stake and gain interest. Is this new with this LLD wallet? Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi, staking is auto only have to let the wallet open 24/24 and unlocked for mint only. And yes a good amount of NXS inside.
    Can you please check the Block Weight % and post me here, is located down of the right corner of wallet.

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