Problem with Nexus wallet

  • Hello, I used LLD Wallet for Mac (Nexus-Qt). I bought NXS at Cryptopia and sent it to the address shown at "Receive" tab in the wallet. The transaction's status is "Complete" at Cryptopia, but my balance in the wallet is unchanged. Can anybody help?

  • I sent 10 NXS from Bittrex to Nexus wallet on my Mac as test
    9.8 showed up in the wallet so I sent the remaining 990
    Both transactions show as completed on Bittrex
    The first transaction for 9.8 remains unconfirmed on the wallet
    The second transaction never showed up - the tx number confirms it was sent.

    1 - the wallet is asking for a paraphrase to unlock it - I created and saved a password, but not a phrase. the password does not work when entered as "paraphrase"

    2 - assuming I can unlock the wallet, how do I sync it with the network so that it can confirm my transactions?

    3 - I do not remember being prompted to create a paraphrase, only a password.

    4 - I do not remember being told that I needed to synch the wallet before It could confirm transactions.

    Need some assistance here please, I bought 1,000 so that I could learn how to set up a node. Love the vision here.

  • How do I get my Nexus wallet to sync with the block chain? My transferred Nexus from Cryptopia more than 24 hours ago is not showing.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @bugsdx I Downloaded the wallet and was under the impression that I could just transfer Nexus to the wallet with the address it provided. I transferred the Nexus from Cryptopia and after 4+ hours it still hasn't shown up in my wallet and I have received a confirmation from Cryptopia that it was sent successfully.

  • @lockchain he was missing the wallet synchronizing before that you cant see the recent transactions. your is well synchronized?

  • Were you able to fix it? If so how? i'm having the exact same problem.

  • Hi, thanks for the input we will try add that info to the site.

  • As I understand now, the problem was in synchronization. My wallet still downloads the block chain. You guys should probably add this information on Nexus website. It's not obvious at all. No other cryptowallet I use required me to do that.

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