Wallet BackUp

  • How do I load/import my back up wallet into the Nexus wallet?

  • I am replying to my own question as to how to load your NXS wallet backup into your current NXS wallet.

    I have to say I am not impressed by the help and support the Nexus provides for their wallet.

    There is a youtuber that spends the first 45 seconds telling you why he has not made a video in awhile. I don't care, just tell me what I need to know. He goes very quickly thru clickin here or there and the screen shots are to small to read.

    Ranting is over. Here is how to put your backup.dat into your current NXS wallet.

    1. Go to control panel --> Folder Options --> View --> Select the radio button, 'Show hidden files'.

    2. In windows explorer --> Users --> Expand 'Your user name' --> Expand 'AppData' --> Expand 'Roaming' --> Click on 'Nexus'.

    3. Copy your wallet Bakup file into the Nexus folder.

    4. Rename the 'wallet.dat' file that is in this folder to 'wallet1.dat'

    5. Rename your backup file that you copied in to the Nexus folder as 'wallet.dat

    6. Go start your NXS wallet as you normally do, the wallet should open with your backedUp data.


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