I'm a graphic designer, marketer and brand developer who would like to help make Colin's ideas resonate with the World.

  • I was first introduced to Nexus over a year ago, it was during a conversation I had with a colleague about a new type of blockchain concept I had been conceptualizing two years prior, and my friend who had heard of Nexus, thought my ideas sounded like Colin's. I said, I need to meet this guy, cause he can make my concept become a reality. Then I learned more about Nexus and realized he was already building it.

    I would like to help in whatever way I can if anyone in the Nexus community thinks the concepts and ideas I bring to the table, could add benefit to the project. If someone from the Nexus team could make contact or point me in a direction where I can converse with someone, I'd like to do that; but am not willing at this point to just put all my ideas down here. I believe that a project like this with a truly decentralized and organic team such as the one forming now, along with the connections Colin has to real software/hardware development opportunities, and sound strategies for the development for a new type of globally integrated system, together we could bring real and lasting change to the entire world.

    As a marketer and brand developer however, these things must be communicated at the simplest level, in order for true global adoption to be achieved. I share Colin's love for humanity and share his disregard for just making a buck, it can never be about that. It has to be about enabling humans to take control of their futures and provide them with the infrastructure and tools to build the kind of life we were all meant to live. I believe I have the ability to simplify an idea and with the help of technicians create something incredibly easily to absorb, and that is the fundamental key to achieve mass adoption.

    I just watched the "Nexus Team Live Update" video and I see a good team of people, real people coming together. I believe given the uniqueness of this project a whole new approach to communicating these ideas in order to separate and differentiate ones self from the competition needs to be considered, if I'm wrong fine, I'll pursue my ideas else where; but I'd like to chat with someone about my ideas and see if there is scope for collaboration. Thanks Danz177

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