Is NEXUS still alive ?

  • Is anyone able to actually mine Nexus on an Nvidia GPU ? I have been working on getting this set up for three weeks. I get this error "[MASTER] Failed to Update Height". Does anyone know how to fix this ? My wallet is synchronized. My Config file is set and saved in the proper location. Any help would be appreciated. I know there isn't much activity on here. Hoping someone can help, i know a lot of people are having this problem.

  • set 30 as Timeout and 40 as Intensity

  • @bugsdx thanks for responding. I was able to switch over to the slack channel and was able to get some help. Still working on it but I'm hoping I can get it dialed in tonight. What is Mint ? Not sure what that means, that might be part of my problem.

  • @necro hi
    is your wallet unlocked for mint only? must be in case of she is encrypted. gr

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