Hey all, I'm here to learn about Nexus! I tried to join slack but didn't work so here i am.

  • Not interested in joining an exchange that is tied to a central bankster but still want to buy coin. I discovered Nexus not 2 long ago and am very surprised that the coin is dropping so fast since the conference. I watched some YouTube vids on the Nexus Conference and the only mention of Nexus itsself was yo birthday, Happy Birthday!!! I was hoping to learn a shit ton about Nexus... Anyhow the aspect of being able to mine prime numbers sounds awesome to me. I think Nikola Tesla himself would be proud of this development and would have done it himself if it were available to him back in the day,
    oop starting to ramble hehehe
    Hope to meet ya soon

  • Join us here pls, http://nexusearth.com:3000/

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