There really aint nothing hard about it, Mining nexus with gpu is verry profitable and these days alot of people are mining it..
The minimum recommended hash should be that of a 1070 or couple of them to really get blocks a day..
One of the first mistakes is not having the wallet setup properly.. Altho there enuf videos out there on how to mine, it seems some people still have issues conencting there miner to there wallet..
So as bazar92 said - first get a wallet running either lld or orcale it does not mather really..
then create the nexus.conf with
llpallowip= Only use if ur mining on the same pc as ur wallet. - You can allways swap it with the ip of ur miner.

Further using either SKminer on nvidia other Wolf0's miner on amd.
basics are the same - but ill talk about the skminer one because thats what i use.
the bat file should have this skminer.exe 9325 1 10 30 - IP adres of ur wallet and the port. numbers 1 - how many cards - 10 - time outs and 30 beeing the intensity.
If u have any more issues join our slack with its 24/7 support